But the closer I got to age 20…

And the more I learned about myself

The more I realized there was nothing wrong with me.

I was perfectly normal

There was nothing abnormal about being extremely reserved…. nothing weird about being quiet in a room full of people where it seemed like everyone had to have something to say…

And nothing wrong with not wanting to talk or engage in small, meaningless talk with just anybody…

“For the sake of talking, for the sake of blending in…”

I was barely 20 when I realized this

And as you might guess…

This isn’t primarily about being comfortable in your skin if you’re introverted

It’s more about realizing you’re not abnormal or wierd because you have different tastes, interests, dreams, ambitions etc…

Yes, maybe we have similarities as humans

But on a deeper level..

We’re different… and in a lot of ways

And it’s very naive … even foolish…. to think people know what’s best for you …. better than you do

Because most people givin you advice/suggestions on how to run your life don’t even have their lives together.

The joke always writes itself.

And maybe I’m sounding like a broken record here

But a lot of people are unhappy…. not necessarily because happiness is beyond them… but because they’ve allowed any and everyone give them a script on how their lives should look like

Parents, siblings, peers, religious leaders, even strangers…

And maybe this is as awkward question

But between you and me:

What do you really want?

What makes you happy?

What gives you peace of mind?

Does all that advice you’re getting align with your gut feeling (and what your inner child really wants?)

If it doesn’t….

Well, you and I may need to admit the obvious:

You’re going to die a very unhappy person if you don’t start doing what your guts are telling you/or have been telling you..

And just to show you your fears are unfounded

Try something this week (before weekend):

Do something you’ve always wanted to do …but never really could …. because you didn’t think you had the approval of some people you consider important in your life…

People who, without knowing it:

You’ve given too much power over you

Do this, unapologetically (not with bitterness and hatred.. but with excitement that you finally get to do what you’ve always wanted)

Then watch what happens

And finally…

A question to shed more light on this:

Do these people whose opinions you care so much about seek your approval before doing everything they want to do?

Do they?

Sure, you might want to “inform” family (and a friend or 2) about your decision .. and that’s fine… if you want to do it

But other than that

It’s your canvas…

And you alone decide what colors of paint you want to use.

Stay G’d Up



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