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Hello everyone, how is it going? I hope you are having a lovely month so far? I am having a good month so far.

Today we are talking about Post Nut Clarity in Men and Women, what it is, what it feels like, and if it’s a myth or not. You also get to hear about some people’s accounts. So without further ado, let’s put on our fancy reading glasses and pop that bottle of wine or water, if you will.

Let’s get it.

Imagine this: you are done busting that nut or that toe-curling orgasm; you are still gasping for dear life, and you start to feel disgusted for what you have just done. You got your orgasm but at what cost? You are disgusted about giving in to your urges, then you sit quietly in that dark room and think about what you did. Some might have an epiphany at this point.

That feeling you had is called Post Nut Clarity.

Urban Dictionary defines Post Nut Clarity as “the immediate clear mindedness or soberness an individual gains after orgasming (busting a nut).”

So is it good or bad if you experience Post Nut Clarity?

The term Post Nut Clarity was coined by the host of the Call Me Daddy Podcast, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, and it has been in use ever since. No, this term wasn’t known in medieval times. Bruh, it must have been hard; after the Lord busts that nut and he is having disgusting thoughts after, I’m sure they would have found a name for it as the punishment for having sex. Hahaha, medieval times must have been fun.

Well, moving on.

To an extent, most men experience Post Nut Clarity, and some women too; to an extent. I will explain what I mean later on. Some men don’t even know what it feels like; they don’t get to experience Post Nut Clarity; dang, that must be something. Some women don’t get to experience this because they haven’t even experienced an orgasm in their lives; isn’t that so sad.

Post Nut Clarity is caused by the release of hormones after sex or during sex; endorphins are released when a person has sex. When a person is about to attain orgasm, their brain’s thinking and decision-making will be clouded with hormones like dopamine, testosterone, and endorphins. When they finally orgasm, the fog around their brain clears, and they start to think clearer.

As the hormones that clouded your brains start to decrease, some other ones, like prolactin which leads to a high sex drive and norepinephrine, which leads to a higher ability to concentrate, are increasing, which in turn leads to the term known as Post Nut Clarity.

Once the orgasm is gone, you are left with your hormones and thoughts.

  • Before taking a major decision, you should consider busting that nut.

I have read people’s accounts of how busting a nut helped them have a clear mind to make good decisions. When you are confused about an issue or have an essential decision to make, consider busting that nut; you might have an epiphany and see the situation more straightforward than before. When you are rubbing one-off, or you and your partner are going at it, your brain will focus on the present case.

By the time you are done, your brain would have cleared, the hormones in charge of decision making would have taken over, and you would see both sides of the situation. This method is trusted by many.

  • Women experience Post Nut Clarity to an extent.

Remember I said I would talk about this earlier? Here we are. There is something known as the Refractory Period, “a period immediately following stimulation during which a nerve or muscle is unresponsive to further stimulation.” This is when a person is no longer aroused for sex; men, during their refractory period can’t get hard or have a high sex drive until they are stimulated. The refractory period lasts longer in men; some can even last up to days. But women have a shorter refractory period than men; this is why most women are always ready for another round of sex even though they just finished having sex.

So due to a shorter refractory period, Post Nut Clarity doesn’t hit women that hard because after a short time, our senses kick in, and we are on the lookout for the next orgasm. Why I said women experience Post Nut Clarity to an extent is that women don’t get enough time to reflect if they did something wrong or not, they are just programmed that way.

  • Not everyone experiences Post Nut Clarity.

Yes, not everyone will experience the feeling of shame and guilt after an orgasm or after busting a nut. Some people would read this blog post and be like; this hasn’t happened to me before; that is perfectly fine. Everyone is built differently; you are not weird if you do not experience Post Nut Clarity. Don‘t try to induce it either (That would be weird if you sit and start to feel shame after busting a but simply because you want to and not because your body is making you feel guilt).

  • Take the Post Nut Clarity Test.

From my research, I stumbled upon Come to Mia’s article about a Post Nut Clarity test. The test is to determine if you are into someone, if you want to get a perspective on your post nut clarity, or if you want to relax and have a big decision to make. The test goes thus;

  • Find a room, a place you can be comfortable in to bust a nut.
  • Have an orgasm; you can use whatever you want, your hand, a toy or whatever.
  • When you are done and breathless, focus on that situation you have been having trouble with. You should be able to see things clearly.
  • Think of that person you like or are in love with. Think of them beside you, watching as you rub yourself off. Do you feel comfortable with that thought, or do you feel disgusted? Well, you will get your answer.
  • Don’t try to force anything; allow things to flow.

That will be all for Post Nut Clarity in Men and Women; take a moment to reflect after reading this post. After you are done with that, let’s move to a real-life account of Post Nut Clarity.

I got to speak with a dude, let’s call him Bryon; Bryon told me how he feels after he busts a nut.

“There was this one time, I was masturbating then the moment I came, everything became disgusting. My own cum almost made me vomit, the smell of cum and look of everything was nasty. Started to rethink my whole life, sometimes even after I nut, pussy looks fucking disgusting.”




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